Tricia Flaherty ★★★★★

Not going to lie I was a little skeptical because I’ve ordered from other small businesses and you couldn’t even smell the scent, but that was not the case with savvy’s sweet scents, it was the perfect amount of scent coming from the wax melts without being too much! I could leave and walk back in my house and it smelled so good & even the next day I could still smell them! I 10/10 recommend savvy sweet scents and you won’t be disappointed! Will always be a customer!

Keshia Amsler ★★★★★

Absolutely the BEST I’ve come across and the scent is so strong for so long! I’ll never go back, you’ve got me hooked! Your BEAUTIFUL personality just adds to it 🥰

Molly Parks ★★★★★

Oh my gosh, my candle is seriously amazing! The packaging was soooo cute, even upon arrival! You can tell a lot of care went into it. I could smell my candle as soon as I picked up the back, it smells AMAZING. After lighting it, it makes my whole house smell amazing. I love this local brand and will be ordering again!

Haley Fournier ★★★★★

I can say hands down my house has smelled nothing short of fabulous with the help of Savvy’s Sweet Scents! From fruity scented options like Berry Pluckin’ Sweet - to “cleaner” scents like Weather This Together - and even a heavier “musky” scent like 50 Shades of Books! I love the variety they have to offer and can’t wait to see what other scents Savvy comes up with! 💖

Ciara'Lynn Torres ★★★★★

I was lucky enough to be one of those that received some free samples and let me just tell you, THE SMELL!!!! The scents were phenomenal without being over powering ! I wasn’t expecting too much from the small tea light candle but even that filled my kitchen with a sweet aroma . Even my 2 year old kept saying mmm smell good mama! I love buying local products to support local business owners, but Savannah definitely found herself a repeat customer.

Carina Cameron ★★★★★

I popped some Freeze the Day into my kitchen warmer after I cooked dinner. Then I sat down to watch a movie. I walk back into the kitchen, forgot I turned on a warmer and was like dang it smells like ducking Christmas in here, fully expecting it to smell like the leftover Chipotle I threw away earlier.

10/10 haven’t met a Savvy’s Sweet Scent that’s been done wrong yet

Jasmen White ★★★★★

Her scents smell AMAZING!! And they’re safe for you as well. It’s a win-win!! I can’t wait for your business to launch! I will be a very loyal customer!! I can’t wait! I’m so excited for you!

Laura Stevens ★★★★★

Started burning the Berry Pluckin Sweet candle and within minutes the smell was noticeable. My husband just walking by said, “Wow, that smells great!” Very pleased with the candle scent. Can’t wait to try the next one I bought.

Emmalee Solu ★★★★★

10/10! Not only are the scents great, but you can see the love & dedication put into the business! Packaging, free sample size product, fast shipping, and etc. I will definitely be a returning customer.

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