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Valentine’s Crayon Packs 🖍️

Valentine’s Crayon Packs 🖍️

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Get ready to color your heart out this Valentine's Day with our Crayon Packs 🖍️! Express your love for your kiddos or have them share the love at school through colorful drawings and unique fun. These are a perfect NON-FOOD option where dietary restrictions may be unknown or daunting. Let your imagination run wild and create beautiful designs with our vibrant colored hearts. Perfect for Valentine's Day cards exchanges or a simple fun crafts for your loved ones.

Hearts are about 1in wide and 0.2in deep. Approximately 0.12 oz per crayon. 
Materials include: Premium cardstock, recycled non-toxic crayons, cello bags for packaging  

Each Valentine has a double sided coloring card, 3 crayon hearts with varying colors, and resealable bags to keep the crayons. 

Crayon colors are completely random. 


Due to choking hazard, this product is not recommended for children under the age of 3. Always supervise young children when using this product.

Please keep cello bags out of reach of children and discard after opening to prevent suffocation risk. 

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